Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tow Law Paintball I'm Moving From Missouri To North Carolina And Am Wondering If Its Against The Law To Tow My Boxer In Our?

I'm moving from Missouri to North Carolina and am wondering if its against the law to tow my boxer in our? - tow law paintball

Is it illegal to put your dog pulled on the back seat of a vehicle in a tow truck with the windows open? There is no place for him in front of me, the husband and child.


lillllbi... said...

If you can pull a horse in a horse trailer, I see how it could be different. However, there may be too hot for the dog. I check regularly. I also have a thermometer in the towed vehicle so that you can control the temperature. Bon voyage!

Lindsay L said...

Hello. I am afraid there is no way for animal advocates and twitches down by an amount reported to the patrol road, the road. I do not know if it's illegal or not, but I would not know whether the child is hot outside, or if we are not in a cage or a cage next class. The laws have become stricter, because the people are dying their pets in their vehicles for a long time, have left.

rotorhea... said...

I've done it. They do not know the law. It will often stop and hot water. You want to ensure that the dog can jump. While the dog is not in trouble, I do not think you can go into too many problems.

Good luck.

__A_YAHO... said...

The standard is not the people in your car will be towed. it is best to check with the DMV. You do not want to buy are considered a police dog love

Aj W said...

OMG !!!!! Make Room

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