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Shield Circuitry From Microwave What Metal Is Used To Shield Micro Circuitry In Military Grade Missile Systems.?

What metal is used to shield micro circuitry in military grade missile systems.? - shield circuitry from microwave

A coating on microwave circuits, which systems scanning of microwave transmission line (control) safeguards. For the unit in the vicinity of microwave receptors in missiles work, and the microwave are not the facts. It is in the color of gold and is set) (evidence of the truth. The coating metal is very hard for so little. What is the ??????!!!! Metal


tlbs101 said...

We use aluminum can be coated with nickel, gold, gold, but is only a small amount.

Aluminum majority of our cases are simply made of anodized aluminum. Sometimes, the passivation of aluminum, the material is a golden color (black anodized if not specified).

If the speaker is "heavy for its size, it may be an alloy called mu-metal that is strong in the formation of the magnetic elements. Once again, it would be excessive, and then lightly dressed in gold.


billruss... said...

There are only two colored metals, gold and copper.

And its alloys, brass, bronze.

I doubt that it is made of solid gold, apart from the value, which was quickly stolen. This is made of copper or brass. Brass is yellow, red copper.

There may be an aluminum-copper ...

change, there are Al-Cu, Cu is loading. If you are in the alloys, there are hundreds of possibilities.

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I have programmed this question only in a space so that ARCA will also cover for mailboxes that are accepted

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