Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sterling Silver Hathphool How Do You Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry At Home?

How do you clean sterling silver jewelry at home? - sterling silver hathphool

I wonder how clean a necklace made of sterling silver. What home remedies that can help you?


♪RosaryGirl♪ ♥ † ♥ C.A.B said...

Here are some ways your jewelry at home are clean.
I have them all, and actually work.

1. The fastest and easiest I've found to clean my jewelry at home is the use of silver jewelry cleaner than Wal-Mart sells for $ 4 It works well for my sterling silver jewelry is tarnished low. (Note: Insert any jewelry with precious stones in any cleaning or very mild, because it can damage some stones, it would quickly destroy a fly!)

2. Another quick way to clean your jewelry recommended, but not for strong chemicals Tarnex. If your jewelry is started (black) Tarnex is clean. (Use Tarnex in jewelry are not only the money. Do not wear jewelry with precious stones will make you cry Tarnex)

3. The production of silver jewelry with precious stones, I recommend tooth whitening past. It will take some work, but it is one of the safest ways to clean your jewelry. Get the latest teeth very bubbly with an old toothbrush and let your last tooth colored jewels Abut 5 minutes (sometimes more if it is very turbid). After 5 minutes, refresh their jewels shine gloss. Rinse with warm water and dry. (if necessary) This works very well for most of my sterling silver jewelry, but also works on gold and diamonds.

4. A cleaning sterling silver is the best way I found to clean my sterling silver jewelry. That was really brings the shine of silver in his brilliance. (works well) on gold. I forget what I have is the brand, but I know a website that sells.
(which takes longer, but it's worth it) ...

I hope this helps answer your question.

Still not put a note Antiqued jewelry in 1 or 2 I had a ring of very old priests now seems entirely new, because I cleaned cleaner with Wal-Mart. If you want the aging of their own money, but still looks old wipe, because they have more control over the amount of muddy off.

xxVoltz8... said...

I've seen my mother make gold, but she uses rubbing alcohol to clean your jewelry. B4 a JEWL if it were money. :))

chelly_a... said...

You can use white toothpaste, just scrub and rinse the diamond chain as a new turn.

chelly_a... said...

You can use white toothpaste, just scrub and rinse the diamond chain as a new turn.

TiLa said...

Here is a link with good advice:

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