Saturday, January 16, 2010

Olivia Palermos Huge Black Ring Olivia Palermos Hair?

Olivia Palermos hair? - olivia palermos huge black ring

heyyy:) How can I change my hair like Olivia Palermo: She has the nicest hair in the world looooove it. What color hair to do? :) Please can someone tell me? I will do my hair tomorrow, so I have the color of the hair and as you know them or make loops too hot?

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gypsy said...

and the color is golden yellow, copper colored, it will be cautious, easily available, including metallic gold Tho a salon that knows what he needs and what the loops you need to be a little big rolls and wrap your hair in them and let them feel it is best done when the hair is wet then it is dry, with wheels can Hope this helps and good luck.

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