Friday, January 1, 2010

Polo Black How Do I Hand Wash My Black Polo T-shirt?

How do I hand wash my black polo t-shirt? - polo black

It is a black T-shirt with a white iron in the form of letters on the front and rear axles.

I have no time for a wash load .. How do I wash the hands?

There are no stains on them .. he needs only to wash ..

Please provide as much information as possible .. Ive never washed their hands before

Thank you! =]


nickipet... said...

Woolite (instructions follow)
in a clean sink

Rinse several times to ensure that all traces of soap is released.

DopeyDor... said...

Stream of hot water in the bathroom with you about 1 / 2 tsp tea washing powder / liquid into the bathroom and then slowly in the water around for about 30 seconds and let the bath water, then run clean water, just the foam 'get water slightly Sqeeze are a couple of towels and pat the excess water, and on a flat surface to .. the shape of the dry.this to maintain and stretching this area .. Good luck

Granny said...

To wash your hands: put the shirt in the sink and wash fill it with warm water and soap, too. Scrub the armpits and stains you can about him. Let's fill the water and rinse, repeat. Drain water from the T-shirt as much as possible, without effort. Hang dry the shirt with a plastic hook in the bathroom or on a clothesline.

qpdoll said...

The cold water with Woolite for dark clothes. it wont let the darkness Bled in the white area. If you do not Woolite, simply use a few drops of detergent.

Fill the sink with cold water (this prevents fading black), just add a teaspoon. of Woolite for darks, then turn the shirt inside out, put it in water and swish the shirt for about a minute or two, then rub the area under the arms and neck. let the water wash the shirt in cold water ..... as much water as you can, then transfer the washing machine only for the spin cycle. so if you want to use the dryer is very low or hang to dry.

I usually wear black clothes, and it helps a lot!

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