Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rheumatory Arthritis Im 14 And I Have Juvenile Rheumatory Arthritis?

Im 14 and i have Juvenile Rheumatory Arthritis? - rheumatory arthritis

I've had JRA since I 2 years.
it hurts very bad and usually happens more when it's cold outside.
I am a little afraid to go to the doctor for him.
Has anyone at home treatments? Test
Thank you!


Olive said...

Hey. Also have JRA. (for 3 years) and I went to the doctor. She gave me all the medication to take, but always best to relax your joints and just Efficascent or Deep Heat oil hooks. It really works for me. But if the pain is really unbearble, often anti-imflamatory.

When the cold outside ... Try to rape, to keep the worst joints with bandages and warm.

But still. I recommend you look to see a doctor. If you do not. I will not be able to walk now

Angela said...

Paige, please inform your doctor. I suffer from arthritis early because of a serious car accident. Do not hesitate, because it can be improved with treatment.

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