Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knee Defender Are Knee Pads Allowed In Soccer?

Are knee pads allowed in soccer? - knee defender

My father suffered a knee injury in a very bad football and a major operation for him when he young, and two other cousins, all animal advocates. I want to play football and become a champion again, but the only way my mom will let me play if I wear knee pads. His main reason that I could play when I was young, I always fear thrown in the knee, like my father.


☆★♥♠ Føroyar Villa ♠♥★☆ said...

I think if you play a team in an official party governed by the FA (also in amateur football, if you can still register as a player with the FA), so I do not think that it be allowed without a permit.
I suppose you can buy a knee brace and not really important, or even notice. Bearly you could do with football socks, anyway.
But it is alittle hard knee bulky different.
But if you just want a 5-by-play side games or league / tournament created by people and not following the rules of the FA or not would be acceptable. Only used in training pants.

ME! said...

I do not know if they are allowed, but do nothing to her knees.

For someone who has had a lot of knee problems and he played football and wrestling, you must provide a knee brace. Hyperextention limit knee bending in directions that are not to be met, while allowing normal motion. I do not know whether this is legal and not.

norman:) said...

need shin pads or die, but you'll knees or no value or that the knee in soccer, except the application is running and make it harder

I'm a fan, but I am also a guy who mainly kickig for the shoulders and kick opponents they should not to be played for 7 years in a club, and was the defenders have never started after 12 people were injured, as ( )

Terry said...

I do not think you can wear knee pads. Wear shin guards, but they must be covered by socks. You can not platelets are suspended. Knee pads would already be too restrictive.

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