Monday, January 4, 2010

Storm Sea Kayak Why During Months Of Winter , Neap Tide Of Seawater Is Higher Than Mean Sea Level?is It Due To Storm Surge?

Why during months of winter , neap tide of seawater is higher than mean sea level?is it due to storm surge? - storm sea kayak

Light a line as a specific coastal mean sea level (MSL), the ebb and flow of the water source (new moon) and neap tide (the moon) are the symmetry in the summer months compared to the previous line. But in the autumn and winter are not symmetrical, and particularly the NEAP is higher than sea level. What is to be the main reason? Is this due to storm surge? storm surge, or irrelevant?

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baddius said...

In winter the sun is closest to the Earth. In the quarter-moon, the moon is closer to Earth than at other stages. This is the reason. The combined power of the sun and moon.

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