Sunday, January 17, 2010

Home Sprinklers Home Sprinkler Systems?

Home sprinkler systems? - home sprinklers

Never place a sprinkler system at home in your house? Why or why not? And did you know that the sprinkler system at home will soon be mandatory in kicthen atleast new home? And how do you think of this code, no new building?

I'm a fireman, and if the sprinkler system will soon be. I just want to know what you think.


TheHange... said...

I think it's a good idea, as someone said, do not inflict as much damage as you might think. You can also fire, which would otherwise be beyond control, if not at home, or even him valuable seconds or minutes. to leave the house if they were there.

Some facts about the device.
1. Controlled by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 95% of the sprinklers in establishments which were operating properly through the device.
2. You can go with your alarm or an alarm or buzzer may be.
3. They work at normal household water (40-60 pounds is good), and the small size means that less water damage to homes are responsible for the fire, which many industrial sectors.
4. The sprinklers are usually a good bet on your fire insurance. For a quick answer fully paid departments, perhaps not very much. But for volunteers to be outsourced, and go to the station and respond, you can easily 15-20 minutes, or even react in some rural areas over an hour because of the distancea. An irrigation system can mean the difference between a major water damage in rooms with a total loss of your home.
5. There are sprinklers can be restored after the heat is gone and the fire is extinguished, reset and stop the flow of water (is) other than netting it to be revived again and heated battle against a little more.
6. There are some areas that you use a dry sprinkler system, fire department, which is connected to pumps and trucks to fight against the fire. This may be the occupants critical time when the Fire Department are looking for and reduce the risk to firefighters.

dont know much said...

good idea, but when once a lot of burst pipes in my house for holidays during the Christmas period would be concerned about leaks.

BuddyL said...

First, if you're familiar with them, you know that not like in the movies work. You do not set a discount and they spray all! Everyone works individually, as he broke backup. And do not go an entire building with the alarm, so be it!

That is, I have mixed feelings about me. In fact, since the installation of mine long ago, before the interview its use in private households. There were a lot of valves, but never did! You can also chaotic, but a fire is disturbed. They will not extinguish a fire in the walls and electrical lines. If there is a way to connect to a remote alarm, then this is may be useful in real estate. Probably be in the smoking rooms would be a good idea! In some areas there is concern that activates excessive heat in May incorrectly, but they are used in kitchens, on the stove. I'm sure there are many misconceptions about them, both positive and negative.

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