Monday, January 11, 2010

High Quality Cctv Hi All,could Any1help Me Pick A High Quality Home Cctv Kit With Outdoor Cameras, Hard Drive, Night Vision Etc?

Hi all,could any1help me pick a high quality home cctv kit with outdoor cameras, hard drive, night vision etc? - high quality cctv

Here's a site with excellent information on what you are doing search.

I recommend the following is what I use:

Camera: ...

Label: ...

The camera is outside, night vision equipment is very good and gives good results in extreme weather conditions.

The recorder is the best money can buy in this price class. I and I love it!


lilmeuk said...

it is best to contact a security company. Perhaps Norbain, ADI Gardiner Security and pensions. Day, you have to d '/ night camera, or better yet, one day, at night, and so on DVR, but for more help.

David S said... check out or make a call, the system helped me with my business of security "

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