Friday, January 22, 2010

People Stealing Clipart Is There A Way 2 Stop People From Copying And Stealing Pics From Ur Myspace?

Is there a way 2 stop people from copying and stealing pics from ur myspace? - people stealing clipart

Is there a way 2 stop people from copying and stealing ur myspace picture? I wonder bcuz PLL seem 2 b done!


jeremyir... said...

No - there are more than 1 way to steal images - copy and paste between them is an option.

If someone with the right mouse button on a picture to "copy", you can always View Source to screenshoot the URL or image with your function screen printing - all modern systems have this capability.

Sorry - if you do not want your photos is stolen, the only option is not published.

muca22 said...

I think only one way:

Go to edit profile "
Then click on "Account Settings" at the top right.

When you load a new page, click the Privacy tab. Scroll down to "General" Privacy and uncheck the box "Allow a photo of shares / e-mail" option.

But if someone is so desperate to get this picture, there are ways you can do, as the screen "Print" thing ... In this case, he can not do anything about it.

Alfiesre... said...

Simply, no. Vista is the tool of the biopsy. for Push Comes To Shove, you can capture the screen and use. Also the same thing with a silkscreen. Sorry mate

:/ said...

Only pictures you upload. If you do not do not want to take.

other_gu... said...

Yes! There! Added ugly watermark all your photos! Now let us take these bastards!

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