Friday, February 19, 2010

Key Pinnacle Center Pro Whats The Difference Between Chroma Key And Green Screen?

Whats the difference between chroma key and green screen? - key pinnacle center pro

I want to buy the video editing software from Pinnacle, but I can not investigate further and to decide between Studio Ultimate. Thus, any suggestion that it would be nice.
But my real question is, what is the difference between a green screen and green? I understand how your own background, which can record a video. Both Pinnacle Chroma Key, but only the latter has a green screen. What is the difference?
And I need a special kind of green screen to buy one of these?

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Iridflar... said...

The proper term is the key color, but often also as a green screen or blue screen because it is the most popular colors. They are the same, but. You do not need a special screen, but should be a pure green, which you can close, and should be evenly lit.

Personally I would not use one of the editors of Pinnacle - too many errors and unstable. Take a look at Sony Vegas Movie Studio. It is so easy to start, but give one or two hours and can demonstrate good results.

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