Tuesday, February 2, 2010

25th Birthday Clip Art What Activities - If Any - Should There Be At A 25th Birthday Party?

What activities - if any - should there be at a 25th birthday party? - 25th birthday clip art

I began planning a surprise for my husband's 25th Birthday. Category: Blast into the past. I rent a room, invite the whole family and friends (about 150 people between the ages: children) to adult. I will be food, drinks and music, but I'm not sure if I have to do planned activities for people. No dancing all - because people are less diversified, can not play rap music or a particular style. Most people expect to be traded? I want something like cars or anything that people are their own thing - even a section on poker or Twister or bingo has created to do, can. I just know, dont what! If you are in the birthday party, what would you do it himself, with his wife, grandmother, children?


bored said...

You have already ..... was simply a place for children so that they can talk, or .... Entertainer of children, a DJ plays a variety of music for people who are Dace .... and maybe a singer or an actor for all other ... But what we really need is good music, good food and the people enjoy the night ....

LinnyS said...

What happens to the palm reader or psychic, it would be fun!

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