Monday, February 22, 2010

10wks Pregnant And Pains In Adomen I'm 6wks. Pregnant. On The 6/1/08 Had Light Pink Spotting, But Not Again Mild Cramps Off And On, Am I M/c?

I'm 6wks. pregnant. on the 6/1/08 had light pink spotting, but not again mild cramps off and on, am i m/c? - 10wks pregnant and pains in adomen

I am 6wks when you say you are not a towel or something, I have a slight pain and mild cramps nothing serious back pain from time to time in January / C 10 weeks old coffee not only administrative approval spasms of the blood of 10 weeks sono undetected hear the shots. I could not bring about the pregnancy, with the latter. I expect a reminder from dr. more than 4 hours now, I'm not pregnant, but I sometimes have painful cramps, but not painful, just annoying, any advice?

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