Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Electro Torture Post Here In New Zealand Electro-shock Is Still Used In 20 Hospitals; Is This Acceptable?

Here in New Zealand electro-shock is still used in 20 hospitals; is this acceptable? - electro torture post

UN told to use the shock, a form of torture, but hospitals in New Zealand actually "therapy, despite the permanent damage to the brain. ECT is composed of 400 volts to the brain and burning parts of the brain.


Theta Works said...

It is destructive. Because psychiatrists have refused, will be able to cure mental illness, based on the idea that everything is permitted, including torture and the destruction of the brain had to appear. It's the same mentality they use to justify the prescription of drugs that kill. One wonders if the aim is the destruction of mankind?

There is absolutely no evidence that drugs that cure the problems of a person in life. Cure, not suppressed.

sexychic... said...

And I do not want to leave.

jess b said...

It is used worldwide. and not 400 volts, it is not, but 70 to 400 volts. Like everything in medicine, does not rule out problems with the treatment. Thus, it is ultimately up to the individual whether to continue with ECT. No one can force patients to continue with this form of therapy and has proved useful. Why TEC is still considered a treatment used for people with severe depression, mania etc over 70 years, if treament not helpful?

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work in health, and I know how fact.And Unfortunately, it seems to have read, the research suggest otherwise. Of course, there is a serious side effect, but it was not long term memory loss short term memory, and is of course different for each patient. Some are not affected. If someone had a seizure and had received ECT as a last resort, otherwise you run the risk of dying from the kind of crisis that they are, you would not do? It seems that one or more complexenters it to a split in the process of the brain that) the lowering of the bar in front (the nerve connecting the brain hemispheres, the left brain to right brain to communicate information, it brings the fact that this treatment as a last resort if all other treatments have yet to see a patient and the patient has the right to decide whether they will still not. It is part of the human so-called morality, ethics, and especially the EC. You should read a little more and learn about things that, instead of their ideas based on things that have heard speak for a coffee with someone form is crucial. Of course there are terrible people out there who are corrupt and do these things to people, not only because they have no voice or damaged person do not care. The article reads very UN focuses exclusively on the misuse of ECT in prisons and psychiatric centers, etc., and how it is inhuman Again, this article focuses only on those who give TEC corrupt people in prison, punishment and punishment of persons in mentalHealth facilities. This is not the standard of ECT in any form. In any case, agrees Scientology.

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