Monday, February 1, 2010

Building List For Rct3 Platinum How Do I View Header Row In Excel After Building A Very Long List?

How do I view header row in Excel after building a very long list? - building list for rct3 platinum

I am building a very long list in Excel and I need the head of the appropriate columns and scroll without having to see each time. How can I do?


Adam said...

Place the cursor on a cell below the header row. In the menu, go to the window, fixed window, and now you can navigate to the title bar to show the whole time.

notbrl said...

Under the assumption that the header row of the line A, and A2 select the active cell, then go to the window and select "Lock the window." Full description go below the line 1 is.

Even if you have a huge list and want to print headers on each page, click Setup on the File \\ \\ "page and select the Sheet tab.

Find rows to repeat at top:
Click the control on the right side of the field.
Click the first cell in the row header.

The header will be printed at the top of each page.

Edit Note: "Lock the window" is the line (s) and the column (s) (if any left) the freezing of the active cell when you "lock box".

That's what she said said...

what he says is simply wrong. Select the entire row. IE Click on the B-side of the screen. then Window -> Freeze Pane.

They did as I said, the freezing of the 1st Row and column

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