Sunday, February 28, 2010

How To Clean Body Opponent Bag Surprised With The Pacquiao Victory Over Cotto?

Surprised with the Pacquiao victory over Cotto? - how to clean body opponent bag

It's a strange fight Pacquiao, taking into account the way you compete.

I know he will win ... Even thought he would win by knockout in the East, the episodes - I was surprised, because Manny is a little less of this prediction, but he fought like a heavyweight, and I finally a drop of sweet Superior Court, who gave Cotto his legs were shaking .

(Pacquiao won in the middle rounds of Cotto and beat him - but none of the Cotto camp, not even the referee stopped the fight when he should have).

Pacquiao was the rope-a-dope, no-no with Roach. And always ask, Body Shots, and Pacquiao is planning its own head, without blinking. Manny does not fight in combat with I thought he wanted, and he won (he did not enough to throw jabs HIMS CottoElf, which should be your best defense against Pacman).

And Cotto was the most important and powerful officers pursued by Pacman - literally as the Cotto vs. Margarito watched the game in the final round (illegally with pills?).

Pacquiao really see not as fast for me. Perhaps faster than Cotto, but a little slower than it slightly to "lesser" opponents (Diaz, dry dela Hoya, Hatton was on order). Pacquiao seemed a bit slow and powerful, but in reality fast enough to slip into the hidden hook strange combination of incidence angle.

Oh, and "physically" by observing how Cotto hit - if they hit in the head, Cotto is the hole in the stiffness of the neck, instead of natural draft, in contrast to RentTing move your head back, which means you get more shock, instead of dissipating energy to head back. I think that's why Cotto's face was too bloody battles, so that the head impact energy absorbing damage to the surface, his face.

Other big names to fight?

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