Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canning Contracting What Is The Best Bank To Open A Business Banking Account If You Are Contracting As A Limited Company?

What is the best bank to open a business banking account if you are contracting as a limited company? - canning contracting

I am contracting companies in the financial services industry in London. Since the new rules must have the attitude of a person as a public company is now a business account. Can anyone recommend a similar situation / advice on the best bank, with the next steps?

I know nothing about bank accounts of companies, for example, how long to determine what (if any), the basic differences between a company bank account and staff, etc.


r w said...

First, you need an accountant? What is your opinion? Ltd Is this really necessary? All trader.In a partnership? Double-sided accounts and lead Ltd.
My advice is that if you go to the bank. Make sure your child branch.Not branch.You CL metropolis "individual.And as a valid customer.The broader clientele are the worst treated.
We were with Barclays, and even though his side is acceptable best.Their Private Bank is a disgrace. I spoke with 4 people on the sad fact of service and relationships with poor clients. And one was a big bureaucracy disadvantages firm.Not mention of this company.
We are with HSBC. Without their help we would have local support and business.Superbmanager who cares.
I hope this helps a little ......

tony said...

It depends on your priorities. Otherwise, the bank is not the spirit of one of the 4 banks can do what good service for all. If you want a fixed amount of bank charges for the A & L is good if you do not want to bank charges, then the Abbey is the best. Hope this helps.



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