Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Upconvert Blu-ray I Can't Make A Blu-Ray Decision?

I can't make a Blu-Ray Decision? - best upconvert blu-ray

Hello everyone,

I have a SAMSUNG LN52A650 for Christmas, and I'll try to get a Blu-Ray player, with him. I heard a few things for the PS3 and still the best player for the money. I'm a little game console, but not a seller at all, because they tend to play more computer games. I saw the Panasonic DMP-BD55K.

PS3 has the power, the Blue-ray images for maximum change in quality to Blu-ray and can be done?

I really need is the PS3 120Gig, which is currently stored in it, I need so much space?

Basically I'm looking to be suitable for something that is 1080p upscaling, you can create a sound system at a later time, and decentTimes ODA. I am also looking for flyer as BD Live and Netflix online material. If anyone can help me to decide here, or you can suggest something better I like it. I'd like to go buy one tomorrow, but I may decide to beat me this question do 1000 I play in my head. I would like to take just a smart decision. Thank you for your comments.


michael8... said...

I personally would not have the PS3, if he did not think she could use it. The Samsung BD-P1500 on the other side is half the price of the PlayStation 3 160 GB. Up to 1080p output is converted, it has audio outputs for sound system, and BD-Live Ready. Unfortunately, Netflix is not online, but for $ 250, I think it is a very good deal.

WenwAudi... said...

The PS3 is the best value when you play video games. Otherwise, get either the Sony BDP-S350 or the high-end Pioneer Elite BDP-05FB.

Happy viewing!

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