Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pink Overalls Which French Pop Vocalist Has Dark Hair, White Overalls, And A Pink Sports Bra?

Which French pop vocalist has dark hair, white overalls, and a pink sports bra? - pink overalls

While a Japanese boutique, I saw a DVD of French pop singer. She played in concert with a full orchestra, including two guitarists, a keyboardist, a drummer and several singers. The pop singer in white shorts, usually about a pink spandex sports bra as a top. He had black hair of medium length, and often came into the hands of the audience to touch. Is at the lower end of the concert stage, what appears to be a pillar of a large high-heeled shoe.

Can you identify this French pop singer based on his description I have? The store staff did not know his name, and there was no identification on the DVD. I do not know to speak French, so I do not know the lyrics of the song she sings, but the melody is beautiful.

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