Monday, December 28, 2009

Pictures Of Early Genital Warts I Have Genital Warts?

I have genital warts? - pictures of early genital warts

I am a boy of 14 years. It has genital warts, but no sex. I had warts on the bottom of the foot over time and now I've read that if you are warts on other parts of the body, then you can spread to the genitals if the virus (HPV) If your fingers. I have many pictures (to the detriment of vomiting after seeing a particularly explicit) and I have confirmed it is genital warts. It is in an early stage so much, but there is no doubt that it is genital warts. I am very angry against myself and depressed, because if I (strong action on warts on the foot a while ago I had taken it for 5 years), then this would never happen. Now I've learned my lesson. My parents know that they are warts on the feet and I'm going to surgery quickly to remove them. Thank you for your attention, my story. Well, here's my question: I want to tell my parents, but I feel very ashamed. I tell my parents?
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